Still progressing with the online tools, getting myself familiar with them. I’m also in the process of creating a character myself to see how the process might work to share across the cloud. I should be ready to go for an adventure in about a week or so. Over that time, when you can, read through the entire Numenera Player’s guide. I’ve linked a copy below. The PDF is $8 at drivethrurpg, or the physical copy is $15 at Amazon though if you can pony up the cash. If you need a physical copy , and $15 is too much scratch for you I have an extra one I can mail out to you.

You all can go ahead and create a character once you’ve read through the guide. Your background isn’t super important yet, just the stats. In terms of choosing skills relevant to the style of the game, I’m more interested in more of the role-playing and problem solving, rather than the hacking and slashing. I’d say about 60% to 40%, though depending on what characters you all create I will try to adjust that ratio according to your character’s abilities.

If you want to just do a google hangout to create characters, that’d be something I’m down with. Let me know a day and time that works for all of you.

There is a link to a pdf of the character sheet below. You can shoot a picture of it with your phone/camera, or scan it, and email it to me. There is also an online character generator, I have yet to use extensively. Try it out if you want. The link for that is below as well.

If you are tempted DON’T read through the corebook (it isn’t linked). It’s got a lot of secrets in there I’d prefer kept secret. If you’re interested in character background stuff, let me know after you’ve created your character and I can forward you some specific information that would be relevant.

Player’s Guide PDF

Character Sheet PDF

Online Character Generator

New Gods of the Old World

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